Infrastructure Construction

Canals and Irrigation Infrastructure

Canals and Irrigation Infrastructure are the lifeline of an agrarian country like ours. We are contributing at every step to national development by creating projects that contribute to water and food security of our nation. Currently, we are executing Canal and Irrigation Infrastructure projects that have a combined value of Rs. 151 crore. We prioritise using high-quality construction materials in order to create long-lasting, sturdy infrastructure. We strive for efficiency in our projects in order to complete each project based on the project timeline. With these infrastructure projects, we help governments make water resources easily available to every farm, household, individual and for all necessary utilities.



Bridges are civil engineering projects that require meticulous planning, execution and involve a number of professionals in the entire process. Currently, we are involved with construction of bridges having a total tendered value of Rs. 103.98 crore. We have thus far created bridge infrastructure having a total tendered value of Rs. 18.82 crore.

Bridges are an important infrastructural component of India, with the varied terrains and landscapes that span our nation. Bridges connect places, roads, regions and people. One of our primary clients in this space is Western Railways, and we have successfully executed a number of projects for them over the last decade.



We, at Aaryavart, offer a multitude of engineering solutions for all your Building Construction requirements. We are prepared to cater to diverse challenges arising out of these and shall strive to provide such solutions keeping in mind, your need for quality, safety, durability and economy. We have thus far, executed projects having a total tendered value of Rs. 2.81 crore for our government clients.

We ensure that each project is given justice in terms of planning and execution. We use the highest quality materials in the construction of each commercial or residential project, thereby ensuring the long life and durability of each project. We ensure that our projects are finished right on time so that handover is done on the date agreed upon before. However, we make no compromise on the efficiency of the work or the quality of the materials used.